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Performance Schedule 2023

Friday, December 8th

11:00 am  Deb Elieson, Piano

11:30 am  Stephanie Syphus, Voice &Guitar

12:00 pm  Andrew McCracken, Piano

1:00 pm  Theresa Robinson, Piano

4:00 pm  Stephanie Syphus, Voice & Guitar

5:00 pm  Romney Family

6:30 pm  DeGuire Family

7:00 pm  Andrew McCracken, Piano

7:30 pm  Ruth Ashurst, Voice

8:00 pm  Kelsi and Dez DeSilva, Flute and Tuba

8:30 pm  Theresa Robinson, Piano

Saturday, December 9th 

9:00 am  Carrollton 4th Ward Choirs and Families

11:30 am  Theresa Robinson's Voice and Piano Studio

12:00 pm  Harris Family, Flute and Saxophone

12:30 pm  Elary and Eleanor Hall

1:00 pm  Piano Studio of John Sabin

1:30 pm  Celebration Ringers

2:00 pm  Gayane Pogosyan, Violin

2:30 pm  Piano Studio of John Sabin

3:00 pm  Members of Joyful Noise Concert Band

4:oo pm  Gabby Pickering, Piano and Violin

4:30 pm  Jen Paulsen, Piano

5:00 pm  Leticia Benning Piano Studio

5:30 pm  Earl and Syphus Families

6:30 pm  Stephanie Syphus Piano Studio

6:45 pm  Glynis Ramsey Piano Studio

7:30 pm  Jenny Stokes, Organ

8:00 pm  Adam Paulsen and Abraham & Chris Hopkin

Sunday, December 10th 

9:00 am  Stephanie Syphus, Voice & Guitar


11:00 am  Hall Family

11:30 am   Lydia Blalock, Flute

12:00 pm  Tiffany Foulger, Piano

12:3o pm  Carrio Family

1:00 pm  Shelly and Jaron Smith, Violin and Piano

1:30 pm  Holy Covenant United Methodist

2:00 pm  Piano Studio of John Sabin

2:30 pm  Sara Lybbert Piano Studio

3:30 pm  Piano Studio of John Sabin

4:00 pm  Aldersgate United Methodist Church Choir

4:30 pm  Carrollton 1st Ward Primary Choir

5:00 pm  Carrollton Stake Choir

5:30 pm  John Hall and Sick Day with Ferris Band

6:00 pm  Syphus Family 

6:30 pm  Leticia Benning, Piano

7:00 pm  Sonrisa Lopez, Voice 

7:30 pm  Jenny Stokes, Organ 

Monday, December 11th 

11:00 am  Stephanie Syphus, Voice & Piano

12:00 pm  Jen Paulsen, Piano

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