The Community Nativity Celebration is an event for both the eyes and the ears! Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through this Nativity exhibit and sacred Christmas music.  Please refrain from photography and videography during the musical numbers.

We are pleased to present performers, featuring celebrated musicians, and choral groups from across the Metroplex.

Fifteenth Annual Community Nativity Musical Performance Schedule 

Friday, December 6, 2019

9:00 am Wicker Family

10:00 am Leslie Layton, piano

10:30 am Tara Peckham, piano

11:00 am Alison Moreno, flute

11:30 am Kristin Gibson, piano

12:00 pm Morgan and Martin Wicker, piano and violin

12:30 pm Michael Chesley, organ

1:00 pm Gayane Pogosyan, violin

1:30 pm Prestwick STEM Academy Choirs

2:00 pm Jen Paulsen, organ

2:30 pm Kate Markham, piano and voice

3:00 pm Michelle Fowers, piano

3:30 pm Andrew McCracken, piano

4:00 pm R. L. Turner Chamber Orchestra

4:30 pm Castle Hills Elementary Choir

5:00 pm John Sabin piano students

5:30 pm Tara Peckham, voice

6:00 pm Patrick Moreno, cello, Taliah Boyd, flute, and Alison Moreno, flute

6:30 pm Carrollton 3rd Ward Choir

7:00 pm John Sabin, piano

7:30 pm Jenny Stokes, organ

8:00 pm Leah Hanson, piano

8:30 pm Texas Fort Worth Mission Choir

Saturday, December 7, 2019

9:00 am Tiffany Foulger, piano

9:30 am Lewisville 2nd Ward Primary Choir

10:00 am Jacob Hershberger, organ

10:30 am Spencer and Rachel Wallin, trumpet, organ and piano

11:30 am Anne Banks, Bonnie Barkley and Jan Hodge, vocal trio

12:00 pm Deb Elieson, piano 

12:30 pm Bailee Ferrin, piano

1:00 pm Glynis Ramsey piano students

2:00 pm The Living Christmas Card, vocal quartet

2:30 pm Church of the Apostles Choir

3:00 pm Elizabeth Tensmeyer, voice 

3:30 pm Lydia Blalock and Kelsey Somerhalder, voice, flute and piano 

4:00 pm Jen Paulsen and Theresa Robinson piano and voice students

4:30 pm John Sabin piano students

5:00 pm Sounding Joy Christmas Choir

5:30 pm Joshua Chacko, piano

6:00 pm The Hall Family 

6:30 pm Kelsi Da Silva, flute

7:00 pm John Sabin piano students

7:30 pm Jenny Stokes, organ

8:00 pm Sunny Heesun Yun and InSeub Joeng, piano

Sunday, December 8, 2019

9:00 am Lewisville High School Orchestra

9:30 am Jinny Lee, violin

10:00 am Jacob Hershberger, organ

10:30 am Carrollton 1st Ward Primary Children’s Choir

11:00 am Hairel Family and Garibaldi Family

11:30 am John Sabin piano students

12:00 pm Hebron High School Band and Choir performers

1:30 pm Andrew McCracken, piano

2:00 pm Amy Knowlton and Family

2:30 pm Coppell 3rd Ward Primary Choir

3:00 pm John Sabin Piano Students

3:30 pm The Lund Family

4:00 pm Alisha Bishop, harp

4:30 pm Carrollton Stake Choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Please refrain from photography and videography during the musical numbers.  Thank you!